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Work Packages
The project ORC-PLUS has a duration of four years and follows the workplan organized in work packages to achieve its objectives.
WP1 - Project coordination and management
WP2 - Integration of the TES systems in the CSP plant
WP3 - TES materials characterization

The overall objective of WP 1 is to ensure the smooth coordination of the project, in line with the expected results, and following specific objectives as set by the European Commission.
- Objectives Internal to the Consortium
- Relationships with the EC
The objectives related to the dissemination and exploitation of results are described in the related WP.










With the goal of improving the final design of the one-tank MS Thermal Energy Storage (TES) concepts, stratified 
innovative MS mixture low melting in a single Storage Tank (ST) with integrated heat exchangers, thermo-cline packed
bed tank with slag/pebble, computer codes for the analysis, modelling and simulation will be developed in this WP2.

• To obtain a complete thermo-physical, thermo-mechanical and structural characterization of different kinds of materials
to be used as filler storage materials, FSMs (slags, Moroccan rocks and special concretes).
• To study the compatibility of the molten salt mixtures and the FSMs with the container materials, and that of the FSMs
with the heat transfer fluids (molten salts mixtures and mineral oils).
• To obtain a complete thermo-physical and chemical characterization of quaternary and ternary salt mixtures in the
required range of the CSP storage operative conditions.
• To identify the suitable materials for the construction of the storage unit in order to reduce the investment cost of
TES system.

WP4 - Design and realization of the trial TES systems 

- Construction and the commissioning of a Test Section (TS) at a significant scale of TES prototypes 1 and 2
- Experimental validation of the outputs from the technical work package 2

WP7 - Industrial case & business partner screening

Solutions will identify potential issues of:
• public acceptance,
• market and regulatory barriers including standardization needs,
• financing
• synergies between technologies (including those for storage),
• regional approaches
• other socio-economic and environmental aspects from a life-cycle perspective (e.g. pollution and recycling).
• Manufacturing readiness level

WP5 - Pre-industrial scale pilot demonstrator

Equipment manufacturing, Installation and commissioning of the proposed system, i.e. of the solar field extension and of the pilot TES in Benguerir, Morocco

WP8 - Technology risk identification and management plan

The lack of understanding
of the associated risks of Renewable Energy technologies can hinder the possible advances, hence the creation of a gap between
RES promoters and financing organizations. The aim of this WP will then be to develop a comprehensive analysis of
the risks related to the ORC-PLUS technology (political, technical, commercial, social, organizational, financial). This
will enable to:
- Provide a better understanding of the risks related to RES and in particular the ORC-PLUS system
 - Establish a methodology for risk management applicable to RES (including risk ownership and mitigation)

WP6 - Monitoring pre-industrial scale pilot demonstrator

To test the pilot under real operation conditions and confirm the following statements:
- ORC-PLUS pilot enables to increase notably plant availability,
- ORC-PLUS pilot guarantees a much more stable electricity supply to the grid,
- Pilot dimensioning fits well to the existing CSP plant,
- Plant performances are in line with simulated performances,
- Plant operation is much more flexible with the ORC-PLUS add-on,
- ORC-PLUS allows a higher dispatched electricity generation.

WP9 - Dissemination and Exploitation

- Establish exploitation and dissemination standards
- Promote dissemination of results and look for their exploitation by a specific dissemination and exploitation plan
- Ensure the effective integration and coordination of the work with other related topics and international initiatives.

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