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ENEA is the name for the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development.
Specifically, ENEA is concerned with research and innovation activities in energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, nuclear energy. It hosts experimental laboratories and facilities, and also dedicates its technological innovation skills to cultural heritage conservation, agro-food, health, and the environment.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE is Europe's largest solar energy research institution and part of the Fraunhofer society, Germany's organization of applied research and development.

Fraunhofer ISE will be involved in various activities of the ORC-PLUS project with a focus on the design of the storage system and the simulation of the integrated system to optimize the overall plant performance.

lRESEN was established in 2011 to  lead  and promote  R&D  in  the  field  of  renewable energy and to be in charge of defining research topics, coordinating and optimizing the overall research process.

Besides taking part in storage system definition & design, IRESEN is in charge of testing the final system of the ORC-PLUS project which comes as an add-on to the CSP-ORC plant which is under construction.

The Italian SME Soltigua is a leading provider of both  linear Fresnel and parabolic trough technology for process heat, solar cooling and small-scale CSP applications.

Within ORC-PLUS Soltigua will develop and provide 4’900 m2 of linear Fresnel concentrators to support the integration of the thermal storage developed within the project.

Enerray S.p.A. is an Italian EPC and O&M contractor, part of Maccaferri Industrial Group (since 1879), active in the renewable energy sector in Italy and abroad, and focused on the photovoltaic market with approximately 190 MWp installed and over 240 MWp under O&M contracts.

Since 2014 Enerray is following direclty also CSP - ORC projects, in particular in Africa, with the aim to industrialize the storage system for energy plants with an installed capacity up to indicatively 4 MWe.

Euronovia provides support for access to European and international research and innovation programmes. The services include the identification of funding opportunities, proposal writing, administrative and financial management.

Euronovia is also specialized in dissemination and exploitation activities to promote at a wider level the achievements of European funded programmes and projects. 

CIC Energigune is an energy research centre in Spain. The TES group has an extensive experience in the thermal energy storage and in the world of renewable energy.

The group has a multidisciplinary team of researchers in all areas related to storage of energy, from materials development and characterization, computational modelling and design and construction of TES units. 

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